1. Who

From the recording Eyes On The Radio


Who says that a piece of paper, gets me what I want?
Who says that a barbed wire fence, tells me what I’m not?
Who says that the seen, heard, spoken is everything there is?
It aint me
It ain't you
Who says some are born to riches, others to rags?
Who says that this profit motive aint just a load of gas?
Who says that we can’t grow food for everyone to eat?
It aint me
It ain't you
Who says what is one and hundred, who says what is none?
Who says that a circle ain't just a square on the run?
Who says that all that’s added isn’t just subtracted?
It aint me
It ain't you
Is it an eye in the sky?
Is it a lullaby?
Is it an open field?
Is it a stock exchange?
Is it an ancient book?
It aint me