Avi’s astounding vocal performance and passionate poetry are reminiscent of the Beatles. The album’s title track, ‘Nostalgia,’ is a magnificent blend of overlapping synths, Dreampop, and Funk-esque guitar and bass, topped with Misra’s soulful vocals. ‘Nostalgia’ is another illustration of Misra’s unique ability to merge vintage rock sensibilities with electronica experiments”

— Illustrate Magazine, New York

The track is a testament to Misra's versatility as an artist and his ability to create music that is both uplifting and introspective. Nostalgia is a truly remarkable album that pushes the boundaries of electronic rock and pop music.”

— We Write About Music, California

Pulling from cultural influences that characterise Indian songwriting styles, Misra has carved a unique pocket in the ofttimes impenetrable landscapes of synthpop and darkwave”

— Happy Magazine

Damningly defiant in the face of modern music stereotyping ”

— Tonedeaf Magazine

Bringing two musical worlds, Indian and Western, together and fusing them in a blissful earthly feel ”

— MTV Indies

What will probably shock many listeners is Misra’s voice—a rich baritone, unlike anything else on the Indian indie circuit”

— Hindustan Times

The inherent Indian vibe of ‘Eyes On The Radio’,” begins to spool out from the very beginning with the keening tanpura drone that underscores ‘Rebirth’. Sub-continental sounds abound on the album with Eastern instruments like the esraj, morchang and riveting Rajasthani folk harmonically enmeshed with acoustic guitars, flamenco finger picking and blues to create a sound that is global and yet firmly rooted in India.””


Avi is a beautiful singer with an extraordinary voice, full of depth and variety of tone” - Therese Virtue

— 3CR