The magnificent new album ‘Nostalgia,’ conceived in the brilliant mind of legendary Electronic Rock artist/producer Avi Misra, is a Synthwave and Darkpop masterpiece. ” - Illustrate Magazine, New York

Illustrate Magazine, New York

'Nostalgia by Avi Misra is something very special. If you're into synth wave and dark pop with a hint of Hindustani textures then this album is a must have” - Fame Magazine, U.K.

Fame Magazine, U.K.

One of the standout tracks on the album is actually the title track, a beautiful ballad that showcases Misra's stunning vocals and the emotional depth of his songwriting. The track is a testament to Misra's versatility as an artist and his ability to create music that is both uplifting and introspective” - We Write About Music, California

We Write About Music, California

Avi’s astounding vocal performance and passionate poetry are reminiscent of the Beatles. The album’s title track, ‘Nostalgia,’ is a magnificent blend of overlapping synths, Dreampop, and Funk-esque guitar and bass, topped with Misra’s soulful vocals. ‘Nostalgia’ is another illustration of Misra’s unique ability to merge vintage rock sensibilities with electronica experiments”

Illustrate Magazine, New York

Pulling from cultural influences that characterise Indian songwriting styles, Misra has carved a unique pocket in the ofttimes impenetrable landscapes of synthpop and darkwave”

— Happy Magazine

Damningly defiant in the face of modern music stereotyping ”

— Tonedeaf Magazine

Bringing two musical worlds, Indian and Western, together and fusing them in a blissful earthly feel ”

— MTV Indies

What will probably shock many listeners is Misra’s voice—a rich baritone, unlike anything else on the Indian indie circuit”

— Hindustan Times